Throw Away the Plan

When I first heard this quote while watching “The Flash” I literally LOL’d. Snart is usually not someone you come to for advice or help, he’s kind of a mildly reformed bad guy with a dry sense of humor. Yet, there is so much truth to this quote that I had to grab a Post – it and jot it down.

I like to plan. I plan my meals, I plan my finances, I’ve even been convicted that I need to plan my days, but I’ve had to learn that sometimes the plan needs thrown out the window. Sometimes you don’t feel like making what’s on the menu for the night. With money, you can plan all you want, but you have to have an emergency fund for those unexpecteds. I think this is why I’ve never planned my day – I know it’s going to go off the rails at some point and I’ll be upset because I HAD A PLAN!

I think the point is that you can plan, but don’t become so committed to the plan that you can’t throw the plan away sometimes. Don’t be so rigid in your thinking that you can’t go with the flow of the day. Plan. Be prepared. Be prepared to throw away the plan.

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