KidScents from Young Living

You might wonder why we have KidScents oils in our house – well, honestly – they were free. I’ve received every one of these as a monthly promo from Young Living at some point.

But, I’ll tell you this, when I researched the oils that were included in each one as I received them I was blown away! There are amazing oils in these?? Why haven’t we been using them? Why didn’t I know?

I’ve wanted to buy Dorado Azul for Aaron many times and here it is in Snifflease! Valerian is in Sleepyize? Perfect! Frankincense in Geneyus? The list goes on.

I guess I thought when I heard these were prediluted and safe for kids that they were watered down oils or something. More mild. Probably didn’t contain the heavy hitters. I was so wrong.

Maybe you think that too. I urge you to check out the KidScents line. They are not just great for kids but adults too! Powerful oil blends ready for use. Pop a roller top on them and you’re ready to go. Or for more convenience buy the new KidScents Roller collection.

You can now open an account with Young Living by purchasing a KidScents Premium Starter Kit. All the KidScents oils and the new one – KidPower + Feather the Owl Diffuser. Too cute. Moms, these are ready to use bottles of oil that you know are safe for your kids-can someone say easy button?? Let me know if you’re ready to jump in.

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