Refreshment in the desert

I’ve been on vacation since Monday and it’s been glorious. The weather has cooperated and it’s felt like summer everyday. I soaked it up Tuesday by having coffee in the park with a friend. Wednesday Philip and I went to Lincoln and ate lunch outside and were able to shop and browse in perfect weather. Thursday I had appointments all day but doesn’t fantastic weather make even an errand day better? Friday and Saturday have been a lot of lazing around home resting and doing little chores that never seem to get done. Those nasty, tiny, black biting bugs have kept me from hanging out on the deck and enjoying the sun but sunny days are always better than gloomy days.

It’s taken me about five days to feel really rested and recuperated. The past months have been crazy with packing and moving, changing library systems, hiring a new assistant, boys coming home for spring break and never leaving etc. You know what I mean, everyone has been affected by this in some way or another we just added in some extra things. We’re extra that way. So today I’ve actually done more and felt like doing more than any day yet and that feels good too in it’s own way.

One of my friends suggested a road trip during this week but I declined knowing that what I needed more than anything was rest. I feel like I’ve been running on fumes since June, thank goodness for amazing supplements that have kept me going, and every day has just been pushing through. I feel like I can go back to work now and not dread it and maybe have some excitement for it again.

Which is good because I also just realized I have a church board meeting tomorrow night, a birthday celebration for a friend on Tuesday and prayer meeting on Wednesday. Oh, and I invited the Sunday School class over for lunch next Sunday. Here we go again!

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