Sunday Takeaways – September 13, 2020

I know it’s not Sunday and it’s not September either but I was going to throw this bulletin away and thought it had some good points. I probably won’t remember context, but maybe these points will give you something to think about.

Sunday School class was again the Ray Vanderlaan video series from the 90’s? 80’s? When did Sleepless in Seattle come out? Everyone has big earrings and braided hairstyles with scrunchies. This video series is also a walking advertisement of why mom jeans should have never come back in style.

So not relevant. I know this is the lesson where we talked about the Jordan River and when the Israelites crossed it into the Promised Land because I have written down a very good question, “How long did it take them to cross?” We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people here and as was shown in the video the Jordan is not that big. A couple of other random notes written down are:

Do I believe God is the God of everything?

Meekness instead of selfishness

The struggles we are in are not ours to fight – they are really God’s battle.

Here’s some facts about Jericho I also wrote down

—Oldest city in the world – it was 7,000 years old when Abraham traveled through! Way before Egypt and the journey to the Promised Land

—Lowest city in the world (below sealevel)

—Was not to be rebuilt ever.

The sermon that day was titled, “Signs of the End Times” and was based on Matthew 24:4-8. Pastor basically gave statistics that showed how we are always moving closer to the end times. He did warn us to be careful not to be too passive in our faith, to not zero in on the fulfillment of certain events, be cautious not to make the Bible more textbook and less Word of God and to be careful of bias about End Times. Matthew 24 is just one passage to consider when looking at these things.

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