Body Burden

Have you heard of Xenoestrogens? Xenoestrogens can be natural or synthetic and they mimic the estrogen in our bodies. Synthetic Xenoestrogens are found in phthalates. Phthalates are most commonly found in personal care products mostly hidden under the word “fragrance.” These fake estrogens cause a hormonal imbalance and then things go wonky. These are several oils I use regularly to help balance things out.

I wear Joy over my heart every day.

I’ve had great success lately with using SclarEssence Vitality in a capsule before and during my cycle. It helps with all those PMS symptoms.

You all know I love Progessence Plus! Nightly on my wrists.

Dragon Time is also great during the week of your cycle for discomfort and emotions.

Use Lady Sclareol for a little boost to your, um, desire. 😉

Clary Sage every night on the bottom of my feet so I’m not tossing off the covers at 2 am.

Any of these oils can help clean out the fake estrogens in your system that enter through personal care products, cleaning products and more. Getting rid of those fake hormones help balance out your real hormones so everything runs smoother. Add one or two to your daily routine today!

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