From the Empty Nest

I recently did a Bible study that challenged us all to be mentors. There is always someone we can encourage and teach. I’ve been feeling called to share more motherhood tips lately and that can be scary. I am not and have never been the perfect mother. There are several things I wish I’d done differently, but those are lessons I can pass on. I don’t want any mothering tips or advice to come from a place of perfectionism, because I’m not perfect. But I do feel like I learned some great things along the way.

Older picture but one of my faves

I haven’t really talked about being a mother too much here. My husband and I have raised three young men. One has graduated college and is in the work world. The second one will graduate college this semester and the baby will graduate college in May. My goal always was to raise responsible young men who contributed to society. I think we’ve managed that. We made them do chores from an early age. They have cleaned the bathroom, washed dishes, washed clothes, vacuumed and dusted. Some cooked more than others but they have all proven they can live in apartments, cook and survive. At some time all three of them have learned what it’s like to live with people who didn’t have to be responsible. They’ve met people who don’t respect a clean bathroom, other people’s stuff, or known how to do basic household chores. And I’ll admit one is a complete slob despite my best efforts. The other two can be a tad neater but they still have a ways to go too.

There are so many ways we got lucky too. None of them ever struggled in school, they all graduated in the upper percentages of their class. Even though one has several autoimmune diseases, he’s never let them stop him. Part of his college is paid with a track scholarship. We’ve had no major accidents or injuries but we have went through a terrible 2 years of dealing with post-concussive syndrome. Thanks to vision therapy that one no longer struggles.

No, our life isn’t perfect and some people would say we’ve taken more than our fair share of hits but we just keep moving forward. So, I’ll try to share some lessons, things I learned that worked for our boys and I’ll share some struggles too. This isn’t Instagram after all – I’m here to be real.

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