Warm and Cozy Marjoram

I’ve been craving some Marjoram lately but I thought we were out-then I found a full 15 ml bottle today! 🎉 To me, Marjoram has this warm, cozy, comforting scent. I love diffusing it by itself or with a tree oil like Pine. If I don’t have Marjoram I do find that Clove is pretty comparable for me. Marjoram was known as the “herb of happiness” to the Romans and I’d have to agree with that assessment. I also recently found it that it’s good for helping release emotional trauma.

Marjoram also has muscle soothing properties and we’ve used it, along with Panaway and Lemongrass, in our family “Sprains & Tears” blend for years. #momofboys I was known for having this blend on hand at all track meets. Marjoram is also found in the Raindrop Kit from Young Living which is a specialized kit built for relaxing and soothing your muscles.

Marjoram is so much more than an herb to cook with and smells nothing like the dried herb you find in the grocery store. You can also purchase Marjoram Vitality from Young Living and use it in your favorite dishes. Have you tried Marjoram yet?

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