COVID Ups and Downs

Last Sunday I got a horrible headache-thought it was a rebound headache from my PMS migraine on Saturday. Had horrible chills Sunday night and woke up not feeling great on Monday. I was supposed to have hernia surgery on Tuesday so I already had a pre op C test scheduled. I was still shocked to have it come back positive.

Today marks day 7 at home. I’m isolating downstairs or in our bedroom. I guess you would call my symptoms mild. Some body aches and fever and a stuffed up nose. The biggest thing for me is the absolute exhaustion. I was feeling pretty good on Tuesday and I way overdid it. Lesson learned. I’m told day 5-7 can be bad and I did get a headache tonight so maybe?

One thing I’ve been told with this is there isn’t steady improvement. You don’t gradually feel better, you have good days and bad days. You have good moments and bad moments. Good mornings and bad afternoons. I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I’m trying to conserve energy when I feel good but also keep moving enough I don’t lose all my strength. In the bad moments I’m learning to give myself grace.

Mentally, I’m doing good. I’m a homebody that loves being a couch potato so that’s not a hardship for me. I’m also a major introvert so being by myself is grand. I know this is not the case for everyone and if you’re feeling good but still isolating or quarantined that’s gotta be worse. I don’t feel like doing much so I’m not chomping at the bit to get going. Once in a while I’ll feel good enough to do something and I try to do it but it doesn’t last long.

I’m grateful my lungs have not been affected so far-I hear that can happen in these later days too. I’m a side sleeper by nature so I’m sure that helps. I’ve also been putting all the respiratory oils in the diffuser and on my rib cage. We are parents of kids who had asthma and several rounds with nebulizers. We know what to listen for and what to do. So far, so good.

This is just an update on life and what’s happening. Also a look at COVID through a normal person’s eyes.

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