Itty bitty bits of green poking up!

You’ve probably seen the memes that remind us we’re closing in on a year of the two weeks to flatten the curve. A year that has many of us shaking our heads. Political upheaval, censorship like we haven’t seen in our time, media craziness, and more. Many have been home with their children for a whole year. Newborns that have rarely seen anyone besides a family member are turning a year. Many are struggling to find hope. Some have given up hope and others say there is no hope.

But this? This green poking out of the mulch? This was buried in two feet of snow a coupe of weeks ago. Now the snow is gone, the air is warmer and the flower under there has awakened. That’s one place you find hope.

Our church had a baptism today and baptized five adults who chose to make that profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Almost a year ago we didn’t know when or if we’d have in person church again. I find hope in that. Even in the darkest of times Jesus never stops working. To quote a popular song, even when we don’t see him working he never stops.

Look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, for hope. Shut off the noise. The alarmist posts, the shouting people, the talking heads, the lies, the fear and bury yourself in Jesus. Worship music, church, prayer and most especially God’s Word. I recommend the Psalms. That’s where I found myself in May of last year and that’s where I found hope.

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