How do You Thieves?

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap-a family fave

How do you Thieves? When I was first hearing about Young Living I was a working mom going back to school with kids in junior high and high school. We were busy! We had no time to be sick. I also had a Type 1 Diabetic/Celiac kiddo who couldn’t take most over the counter medicines for colds and such. The ones he could take he wouldn’t because he didn’t like the taste.

So when I heard there was an oil blend called Thieves that could help support our immune systems and could be used to help fight off colds I knew I needed that! Then once I became a customer and joined our education groups I found out about all the hidden toxins in our home that might be contributing to asthma issues and guess what? There was a Thieves for that! As we switched out products in our home the respiratory issues gradually disappeared.

I’m so grateful to learn about all the products with Young Living that have changed our life and that’s why I keep sharing about them with you! What if no one had talked about them in my presence and shared their experiences? I might still be clueless! That would be sad.

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