Sunday Takeaways 2-28-21

I wanted to finish up the fruits of the Spirit as I can never remember any sermons preached on each of the fruits as Pastor Mike has.

Let’s pick up with fruit of goodness. Pastor Mike defined it as courage to do the right thing even though it is the hard thing. To speak the truth in love even though I may be criticized for it. King Hezekiah from 2 Chronicles 29:2; 31:20 was used as an example. King Hezekiah lived in a time when the children of Israel had forgotten God and worshipped other gods. King Hezekiah destroyed all those other worship places and called the people back to God. That couldn’t have been easy but he chose to do what is right in the face of much poppy.

Faithfulness. There wasn’t a definition for faithfulness, but a call to be faithful as God is faithful to us. Does your spiritual relationship dry up when things are good? Do you bail on God when things are bad? Does he bail on us? Faithfulness also involves being faithful to one another. That others can count on us when things aren’t easy. Acts 2:42 references that when it talks about the early church being faithful to one another and in prayer.

All of the other fruits of the spirit are dependent on the fruit of self-control. If we can’t control ourselves will we be faithful? Good? Loving? patient?

Gentleness is the refusal to use your power to hurt anyone. That’s not just physical. It also includes not being critical or trying to ridicule others. Being careful to not be mean. An unwillingness to act in a way that cuts others.

As a final challenge for the fruits of the spirit Pastor Mike challenged us to examine ourselves. Where are we lacking in any of these fruits? How can we do better? How can the Spirit help us? We are not intended to fight the battle against our fleshly ways and desires in our own strength. When you accept Christ as your Savior the Holy Spirit enters our lives as a Helper. When people tell you to listen to that still, small voice that’s the Spirit helping you live a life that honors God.

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