When you experience stress in your life your body produces cortisol. If you are under stress for long periods of time you can overproduce cortisol which can lead to fatigue, weight gain and even cardiovascular problems. Cortistop from You g Living is designed to help bring a balance back to the body. Cortistop contains Fennel, Clary Sage, Canadian Fleabane, Frankincense, and Peppermint essential oils plus other essential herbs and nutrients that are known to help with this balance.

This past year we bought and sold a house the first week of shutdown, our two college boys came home from spring break and never left, I shut the library doors for 9 weeks and changed library computer systems. By June when we were living in temporary housing for six weeks I was done. I had no reserves to tap into. I’ve dealt with many hard circumstances in life and pushed through but this time it felt like I just couldn’t push through. When I talked to my counselor about how I was feeling she said all the stress had depleted my body. I needed something to calm down my stress response and give my body time to catch up. She recommended a antidepressant but was okay with me trying the natural route first. I started using Cortistop and it began helping me the very first month.

It’s recommended with Cortistop that you use it for 8 weeks and then stop for two weeks to assess how you’re doing. This is one of those supplements that’s not designed for you to take forever. The two week break helps you assess how you are feeling and if more time is needed. For me, I couldn’t make it without it for those two weeks at first-a sure sign my body not only needed it but that it was helping. I think I did three rounds total to help me level out.

After I told my counselor I had this horrible craving for potato chips and couldn’t not eat them every day she also suggested getting some electrolytes in my system. My insatiable craving was another indication of how bad my body was depleted. I immediately thought of the Vitality Drops from Young Living that contain electrolytes, but I didn’t have any on hand. My husband looked up electrolytes in a reference guide and saw that Citrus Fresh Vitality taken in a capsule was recommended. I tried it and felt so much better! My brain fog disappeared and my energy levels started coming back. I also stopped craving potato chips. Mmmm, Wavy Lay’s.

Please talk with healthcare professional if you are feeling overwhelmed, drained, run down, or depressed. Listen to them. I’m not prescribing anything here, but sharing what worked for me.

Need help getting started with Young Living? You can message me your questions and I’ll gladly answer them. Follow my stories on Instagram for daily tips on using Young Living products.

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