Great is Thy Faithfulness

Whew! It’s been a while. May turned into a whirlwind month and so far June hasn’t been any better.

We recently moved our middle son six hours away to his new home and job and it turned into quite an adventure! Here’s my post from Facebook:

“Well, yesterday turned into another adventure while moving your kids. My car started overheating outside of Elba. We babied it along trying to get to Ord but it decided it was done just past North Loup.

Because I had covered this week in prayer I was able to be grateful for so many things:
-my car enthusiast was along who actually knew what car parts Dad was telling him to look at.
-friends in Ord that own car trailers and could get mine off the side of the road.
-said friend was not at the lake this weekend
-because of the crazy week, packing was scattered and we had three vehicles
-we were able to get everything but a TV, some boots, and a few miscellaneous items crammed into two vehicles
-incident free the rest of the trip
-Aaron’s new home is spacious, clean, and well maintained
-his landlord looked at me and said, “He’s now my son too. I’ll look out for him.” 😭😭
-brother and sister-in-law plus boys that helped unload

You never know why God prompts you to draw closer to Him until you are in the situation He’s been preparing you for. I’ve been through enough life to know that when I feel that prompting to draw near to Him I better dive in and prepare because something big is coming and I need to make sure my foundation is rock solid.”

I wrote that Sunday morning after I woke up. Then this happened Sunday night:

“Okay, so I need prayers to keep the positive attitude going. We are stopped at Elm Creek with a major oil leak in the pickup. Philip is coming to get us. It’ll be 10 before he gets here. I’ve had a migraine all day and just need to sleep. This pickup is not conducive to that.”

I’ll admit I broke down crying in the truck stop bathroom when my sister called. You know how it is when you’re overtired, not feeling good and emotionally spent. If anyone is nice to you you lose it. When Philip did get there I threw my pillow in the backseat and crashed the rest of the way home.

Turns out, it may not have been a migraine. None of my usual tricks were really working and I dealt with headaches and nausea off and on until about Wednesday. Tuesday, our youngest son had the same thing. Lasted about 24 hours for him but he was able to go home and sleep. I had not planned on time off so kept pushing through – which probably didn’t help. It probably didn’t help that I’d drove my parents to Omaha on Thursday, worked Friday and then went to Lincoln for a wedding Friday night. What was I thinking??

Through it all and even now, a week later, I’ve had peace. We are not bothering to fix the pickup. We had already been looking for a replacement but because of the high prices right now had decided to wait. Guess we’re not waiting anymore! The Sequioa turned out to be an easy and fairly easy fix and we have it back. We’re even headed back out to see our son and deliver a few things that were forgotten!

This is so long! I just want to give God all the glory. For the two weeks prior to this I had really felt Him calling to lean into Him. Listen carefully to his Word. Pray diligently. Commit my ways to Him. Remember that He is always with us. That He goes before is and is our rear guard. So many truths I felt like I needed to soak in. I’ve lived enough life to know that when God is calling me to lean into Him something big is coming and I need to make sure I’m standing on a firm foundation so that the storm doesn’t knock me down. I’m so grateful to Him and that He provided over and over agin last weekend and is still sustaining us even now.

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