If you ever see me just standing outside touching a tree, don’t worry, I’m good. So good in fact.

Did you know that touching trees, a blade of grass, or walking barefoot on a beach has a grounding effect on the body? It centers you, relaxes you and reduces inflammation among other things.

Ever feel more relaxed after gardening? Love the beach but never realized it’s more than escaping work stress? Feel more relaxed as you wander a trail in the forest? It all has to do with negative and positive ions and the way our cells conduct electrical impulses. Look it up! Who knew?

I’ve read that just 10 minutes outside in contact with nature in some way has great overall health benefits. It reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure.

I’m terrible at getting outside in our town but it’s something I need to be better at. My vacations tend to get me outdoors and plunged into nature but my daily life could do better.

Amazing fire pit at a retreat I went on this summer

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