How to receive free products

What did Santa leave under your tree?? Young Living sent all of this to me for free!

I remember many years ago when my friend shared her free products from Young Living. I messaged her right away and asked how she got free stuff, I’d been ordering products from a friend and never received any free products!?

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve seen me post my free products before. Maybe you see my stories on the first of every month showing you the “freebies” for the month. Maybe you’re wondering how you get free stuff too.

It’s way easier than it used to be! Just click this link:

Fill your cart to 100 PV and you already get free shipping. Place 50 PV of product on subscription each month (you can change it every month) and start earning points that can be redeemed for free product. Place an order of 190, 250, 300 and sometimes 400 PV and receive free products just for that order! There’s so many ways to receive free products from Young Living!

I’m so excited for you to get started on your You g Living journey just like I did all those years ago! I’ve never looked back. We absolutely love the products, the knowledge we’ve gained, the people we’ve met and the business we’ve created. Let me know when you order from my link the first time and I’ll send you some goodies. For FREE!

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