Oils on a budget: Seed to Seal

First let’s talk quality. I can’t tell you how many times I tell people that I use Young Living and they respond, “Oh, you use the expensive ones!” Ah, no. I use the GOOD ones.

Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is largely unregulated. Many oil companies purchase oils from brokers not knowing anything about the source of the oil. Or what has been added to the oil before it comes to them. I once listened to a podcast where the owner of another oil company talked about this very thing. She even stated that you wouldn’t believe the corruption in the essential oil market. Those $5 oils you find in the superstores? More than likely they contain the minimum 5% oil that’s required to call it pure. Then what’s the bottled filled with?

Young Living guarntees you that the bottle you are buying not only contains only oil but also the purest oil you can find. How can they say that? They know where their oils comes from because they plant them, harvest them and distill them themselves or they partner with highly regulated farms that do. It’s called Seed to Seal and to learn more about it, check out Seedtoseal.com

So, how does this save you money? You will use less oil and have better results. Ready for results? Message me!

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