Oils on a Budget: Vitality Oils vs Regular Oils

This budget hack is one of the simplist. Say you want to buy an oil but the price is a little much for your budget right now. Check to see if there is a Young Living Vitality Oil available!

Vitality oils come in the 5 ml size so often they run at a lower price point than the 15 ml counterpart. Did you know that the Vitality oil (white label) and the regularly labeled oil are the same oil? So, why the different labels?

The Vitatlity line was created for Young Living to stay in compliance with the FDA. The FDA does not allow companies to label one product for both internal and external use so to stay in compliance with oils that are considered safe for internal use Young Living created another label. The oils in the Vitality line are ones that you know are safe to ingest in drinks, capsules or straight in your mouth.

They are also the same oil you find in the bottles with a different label. So, don’t want to spend the money on a 15 ml bottle? Buy the 5 ml bottle instead! Philip and I do this a lot when we need just a little something to add to our order to get one of those monthly freebies I talk about all the time.

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