Oils on a budget: Healthier lifestyle

Since we began Young Living we’ve been able to go off of allergy and asthma meds. We get sick less often. We see the doctors less. We take less sick days. Being a part of the Young Living community taught us that living a healthy lifestyle is about preventative care not reactive care. Through our education community we’ve learned about items and products in our home that were damaging our health and we got rid of them. We became proactive about our health, not reactive.

When we puchased our starter bundle we didn’t know it but we purchased a toolkit for our health. We don’t buy over the counter medications anymore. All we need came in that bundle. Over the years we’ve added to our toolkit, we’ve given ourselves options. We’ve learned more about healthy lifestyles from others. Not only do we save tons of money with the things we don’t buy and don’t do we’ve also purchased a peace of mind that is priceless.

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