Oils on a Budget: Oils Under $20

So you’ve been buying oils at the discount store because they’re cheaper than Young Living – are they really? Did you know that Young Living carries a number of oils that cost less than $20? What if you could get quality oils and not break the bank? Would you switch then?

If no, I sincerely want to know why.

Here are the oils and blends that currently come in under $20. Caveat: We have been notified of a price increase coming July 1 so act fast on some of these! (this applies to those that have unlocked the 24% discount with Young Living by ordering on Loyalty Rewards or making a purchase of 100 PV) ***OBVIOUSLY we are way into July now so double check the prices on the website.



-Jade Lemon







-Eucalyptus Globulus

-Eucalyptus Blue








-Eucalyptus Radiata

-Christmas Spirit


-Seedlings Calm

-Citrus Fresh


-KidScents SleepyIze


-KidScents SniffleEase


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