Oils on a Budget: Diffusing vs Candles

Okay, look out because I can really get going on this subject.

First, cost. A small candle costs about $12-14 and burns for 25 hours. Using your diffuser, you use about 5-6 drops of oil in the diffuser. Lavender is $.09 a drop, on medium speed the diffuser runs for 8 hours, making one run equal $.54. 24 hours of diffusing will be $1.62. Less than two dollars for the same amount of time!

So obviously, diffusing is cheaper but again, don’t forget the overall health benefits. Studies have shown that burning a candle for one hour is equal to smoking one cigarette. Depending on what your candle is made of it can contain cancerous chemicals, hormone altering ingredients and will affect the respiratory system due to soot and the fake fragrances in the candles.

At one time all of my boys were on some type of allergy med. When we eliminated fake fragrance from our home – cleaning products, candles, air fresheners etc. those respiratory problems went away. We quit taking all allergy meds. More money savings! Don’t you love saving $$??

Young Living has several bundles that come with a diffuser and oils. Let’s talk and see which one is right for you. Message me!

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