Oils on a Budget: Wholesale Discount

When you go to the Young Living website to purchase products you’ll see there’s a discount price and a retail price. If you’re like me, you’ll be thinking, “Wait, how do I get the discount?”

There are two ways to receive the discount price. Number one is make an order of 100 PV or more and you will have the discount price for a year. Number two is to put any item on a monthly Loyalty Rewards order and you will have the discount for the time that you are doing Loyalty Rewards. (Remember, to earn points the Loyalty Rewards order must total 50 PV.)

That’s it! That’s how you save 24% off the retail price. If you are new to Young Living, I still recommend the Premium Starter Kits for getting started. They are available at a huge discount, are 100 PV so you’re locked into that discount for a year, and give you a good foundation for using healthier products in your home. If you want help deciding what kit to buy, message me and we’ll see which kit meets your needs.

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