Oils on a Budget: Poverty Mindset

Okay, last post in this series. My hope with this series of posts was to show you that a healthier lifestyle using Young Living products was possible for everyone. But I can give you every tip in the world and it won’t matter if you’re stuck in a poverty mindset.

Poverty mindset is one where you believe you are stuck in your circumstances. Nothing will ever change, so why bother. You see most things as being out of your reach. You hate those that have money yet long to be one of them. You live in fear of running out of money and yet, can never seem to make enough.

Abundance mindset is believing there is enough money to go around and time to make it. There is a strong sense of self and abilities. You see possibilities, not barriers, and make moves to improve yourself.

The first time I read about poverty mindset I immediately thought, “That’s me!” I was shocked to know there was another way to think, to be. I was already working on myself and realized this was another step towards being a better person. Poverty mindset is not something you just shrug off, especially if it’s ingrained in you from childhood. You have to work on it, be aware of it and change your thinking, something that’s not easy. Personal development podcasts and books are helpful. Counseling can be helpful. Surrounding yourself with those that encourage you and that have an abundance mindset is very helpful. Realizing you’re stuck in it is the first step.

If you read every post in this series and came up with an argument for every post of why it wouldn’t work for you I encourage you to go back and read each post again. See the possibilities and then message me. Not only can you save money with Young Living, you can make money with Young Living and I’d love to show you how.

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