If you ever see me just standing outside touching a tree, don’t worry, I’m good. So good in fact. Did you know that touching trees, a blade of grass, or walking barefoot on a beach has a grounding effect on the body? It centers you, relaxes you and reduces inflammation among other things. Ever feelContinue reading “Grounding”

Rest, Heal

We are a society that values hustle. Values those who push through the tough stuff. Succeed. Overcome. But sometimes you need rest. If you’re a performance driven person like me giving yourself permission to rest is hard. And while I can veg out and be lazy with the best of them I often felt likeContinue reading “Rest, Heal”

I’m back again!!

Hello! Wow, I took a long break from this page! I was really struggling with having anything to say and just didn’t feel that I was doing a good job of connecting here so I took a break. I put a lot of energy into making connections in other places and finding my voice again.Continue reading “I’m back again!!”

I was Locked Out of My IG Account for 36 Hours and Here’s What I Learned

I was recently performing some housekeeping on my IG account and unfollowed one too many people. IG thought I was a robot or a third party company that helps people gain followers and it shut me out. It gave me the opportunity to change my password but then it didn’t. It told me to clickContinue reading “I was Locked Out of My IG Account for 36 Hours and Here’s What I Learned”

The Difference

Don’t think the ingredients in your personal products matter? Read on. Non-toxic ingredients make a difference.Unfortunately, we came into the natural health world when our boys were in their teen and preteen years. Meaning, they didn’t always appreciate all the different things we were doing. I was even told at one point that I wasContinue reading “The Difference”

Menu Planning

Do you menu plan? I’ve been doing it for 24 years!! I was asked how I do it so many times I finally wrote a book for a few family and friends many years ago. (I was a SAHM at the time and would type 5 recipes every nap time. My plan was just aContinue reading “Menu Planning”


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