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If you ever see me just standing outside touching a tree, don’t worry, I’m good. So good in fact. Did you know that touching trees, a blade of grass, or walking barefoot on a beach has a grounding effect on the body? It centers you, relaxes you and reduces inflammation among other things. Ever feelContinue reading “Grounding”

Rest, Heal

We are a society that values hustle. Values those who push through the tough stuff. Succeed. Overcome. But sometimes you need rest. If you’re a performance driven person like me giving yourself permission to rest is hard. And while I can veg out and be lazy with the best of them I often felt likeContinue reading “Rest, Heal”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Monica. I’m a small town librarian who has raised three young men along with my husband. I’ve been a Young Living Essential Oil user for 8 years. I love God and follow His plans to the best of my ability. My desire is to encourage you in every aspect of life.

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Hi! I’m Monica, saved by grace, wife, empty nester, mother of three fabulous grown men, small town librarian and essential oil enthusiast.

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