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Why Essential Oils?

26 seconds after applying a chemical to your skin it can be found throughout the body. The average woman puts 300 chemicals on her body in a day-80 before breakfast. (We’re talking synthetic chemicals here.) Endocrine disrupters are found throughout our homes. Our body is bombarded with toxins daily and it’s tired, overtaxed, and stressed by them

Essential oils not only provide a cleaner, safer option to many toxins we use daily, they also help clean up our bodies.

You can use Young Living essential oils three ways: diffuse them, apply topically and ingest as supplements (Vitality oils only please!) Some precautions; some oils are called “hot” oils because they are intense to the skin. To prevent redness or irritation combine these oils with a fatty carrier oil. Don’t wear citrus oils on exposed skin in direct sunlight. This increases chances of sunburn. Never put oils directly into your eyes or ears.

Ready to make the switch to essential oils? Ask me about the free text class!

National Librarians Day

I don’t know that I’ve talked about my job much on here but I started this post as an IG post and as you can see it became very long. And I felt too maudlin for IG. But I also felt it deserved a spot. People need to know these things. I know everything becameContinue reading “National Librarians Day”


If you ever see me just standing outside touching a tree, don’t worry, I’m good. So good in fact. Did you know that touching trees, a blade of grass, or walking barefoot on a beach has a grounding effect on the body? It centers you, relaxes you and reduces inflammation among other things. Ever feelContinue reading “Grounding”

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