Oils on a budget: Seed to Seal

First let’s talk quality. I can’t tell you how many times I tell people that I use Young Living and they respond, “Oh, you use the expensive ones!” Ah, no. I use the GOOD ones.

Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is largely unregulated. Many oil companies purchase oils from brokers not knowing anything about the source of the oil. Or what has been added to the oil before it comes to them. I once listened to a podcast where the owner of another oil company talked about this very thing. She even stated that you wouldn’t believe the corruption in the essential oil market. Those $5 oils you find in the superstores? More than likely they contain the minimum 5% oil that’s required to call it pure. Then what’s the bottled filled with?

Young Living guarntees you that the bottle you are buying not only contains only oil but also the purest oil you can find. How can they say that? They know where their oils comes from because they plant them, harvest them and distill them themselves or they partner with highly regulated farms that do. It’s called Seed to Seal and to learn more about it, check out Seedtoseal.com

So, how does this save you money? You will use less oil and have better results. Ready for results? Message me!

Young Living on a Budget

When I started purchasing Young Living I was buying from someone who marked it up double of wholesale, so when I got my own account it was already so much more affordable! 😂😂

Listen, I know what it’s like to live on a limited budget. To have 14 doctor bills from different hospitals and doctors. To only have one income. To live paycheck to paycheck.

Even though that’s not our life anymore we still live pretty frugally and try to make our dollars stretch as far as they can. We are living proof you can be mindful of your dollars and still afford Young Living. I’ve been there and done that and want to share all the tips!

I’m going to be posting a series of posts of how to save money with Young Living. If you have questions or want to know more, please message me. I’d love to help others.

National Librarians Day

I don’t know that I’ve talked about my job much on here but I started this post as an IG post and as you can see it became very long. And I felt too maudlin for IG. But I also felt it deserved a spot. People need to know these things. I know everything became harder two years ago, libraries are not the exception. I will also do everything I can to dispel the myth that librarians just sit around and read.

I missed National Librarian’s Day over the weekend. Honestly I wasn’t sure I wanted to post. I wasn’t sure how I wanted it to come off if I did post. I could be the happy perky Librarian and celebrate all that we get to do and be every day or I could be real and tell you all that we face every day. And I feel right now realness is what is needed because librarians are not OK.

Right now book bannings and challenges are at an all time high with even state legislatures weighing in. In a world where Ukrainian librarians are scrambling to save their country’s history and priceless works, we still have people burning books ala Footloose style.

Tiktokkers looking for more views are conducting “First Amendment Audits” not realizing they are threatening the greatest defenders of that amendment.

For years and years we have fought to keep our doors open. We have encouraged people to come in and browse our stacks. Scheduled educational and entertaining programs. Held workshops and after school programs. Anything we can think to remind people we are still relevant and then two years ago we shut our doors. Some people shut their doors for more than a year, some for nine weeks. It doesn’t matter how long it was we told people to stay away so they have.

We work in a profession that is not recognized as being professional. We’re told that “anyone off the street can do our jobs.” All while being told we have to have a masters degree to do our job. We watch people in equal supervisory roles in our cities get paid twice as much as us. The misconception that we’re the little old ladies who sit at our desks and read all day has not changed in the past 100 years. We are not recognized as the tech guru, the reference source, the social worker, the computer programmer, book reviewer, child’s playtime coordinator, musician, craft master, program director, entertainment coordinator and so much more.

We’re told our jobs are obsolete due to the World Wide Web even though the majority of our patrons don’t have a computer, WiFi or a printer at home.

And we do our jobs anyway. We do it for the child who is so proud to get their first library card. For the non reader who finally finds that book, that series and it all clicks. For the moms who need a five minute break or time to socialize with other moms. For the parents who don’t have the cash to spend $$ at the book fair. For the jobless who need a computer to fill out applications. For the kids who need a safe space after school or the homeless who need shelter from the freezing cold/blistering heat. We do it for all of them.

So happy National Librarians Day to all my fellow librarian warriors. You are so much more than the world knows.

How to receive free products

What did Santa leave under your tree?? Young Living sent all of this to me for free!

I remember many years ago when my friend shared her free products from Young Living. I messaged her right away and asked how she got free stuff, I’d been ordering products from a friend and never received any free products!?

Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve seen me post my free products before. Maybe you see my stories on the first of every month showing you the “freebies” for the month. Maybe you’re wondering how you get free stuff too.

It’s way easier than it used to be! Just click this link: https://www.youngliving.com/us/en/referral/2244609

Fill your cart to 100 PV and you already get free shipping. Place 50 PV of product on subscription each month (you can change it every month) and start earning points that can be redeemed for free product. Place an order of 190, 250, 300 and sometimes 400 PV and receive free products just for that order! There’s so many ways to receive free products from Young Living!

I’m so excited for you to get started on your You g Living journey just like I did all those years ago! I’ve never looked back. We absolutely love the products, the knowledge we’ve gained, the people we’ve met and the business we’ve created. Let me know when you order from my link the first time and I’ll send you some goodies. For FREE!


If you ever see me just standing outside touching a tree, don’t worry, I’m good. So good in fact.

Did you know that touching trees, a blade of grass, or walking barefoot on a beach has a grounding effect on the body? It centers you, relaxes you and reduces inflammation among other things.

Ever feel more relaxed after gardening? Love the beach but never realized it’s more than escaping work stress? Feel more relaxed as you wander a trail in the forest? It all has to do with negative and positive ions and the way our cells conduct electrical impulses. Look it up! Who knew?

I’ve read that just 10 minutes outside in contact with nature in some way has great overall health benefits. It reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure.

I’m terrible at getting outside in our town but it’s something I need to be better at. My vacations tend to get me outdoors and plunged into nature but my daily life could do better.

Amazing fire pit at a retreat I went on this summer

Rest, Heal

We are a society that values hustle. Values those who push through the tough stuff. Succeed. Overcome.

But sometimes you need rest. If you’re a performance driven person like me giving yourself permission to rest is hard. And while I can veg out and be lazy with the best of them I often felt like I had to earn it.

I was recently talking to my counselor about how I feel like my body is betraying me this year. Two surgeries. Hormone issues. Multiple trips to the doctor. The plague. 😉 I work so hard to eat healthy, exercise daily, take supplements to support my body-what’s happening? That’s just it-I work hard at it.

She pointed out to me Bessel Van Dee Kill’s book, “The Body Keeps the Score” and told me if I were to timeline out everything that I’ve done or that has happened to me in the past two years I wouldn’t be surprised that my body said, “I’m done. I’m out, no more”.

So, I’m trying to be kinder to myself. Allow more rest. Take more breaks. Not be so hard on myself if I sit down and do nothing. I am doing something. I’m healing.

I love the mountains but I love the water too. This summer we found the perfect mountain/water location in Georgetown, Colorado. I had my coffee out here every morning. Well, except for the morning we tried to climb a Fourteener. That’s a story for another day.

I’m back again!!

Hello! Wow, I took a long break from this page! I was really struggling with having anything to say and just didn’t feel that I was doing a good job of connecting here so I took a break. I put a lot of energy into making connections in other places and finding my voice again.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve had some good content I could put up here, maybe a focus, if you will.

People come to this page for different types of content. Some are here for essential oil education. Some for my inspirational posts and some for daily life content. You guys are my people! I am not a personality that can be pigeonholed and if you try it you will guarantee that I never do that thing you just tried to tie me to again. Period. Lol.

I’m going to get a few posts ready for the upcoming weeks and try to get back into the swing of this page again!

Sunday Takeaways 7-11-21

It’s been forever since I did a Sunday Takeaway. We’ve been going over church doctrine – why we believe what we believe – and while it’s been a good study and I’ve learned many things, I felt like I would have to repeat the whole sermon to reflect on it. Pastor built on each point in such a way it was hard to paraphrase. I might still hit some highlights in a later post.

Do you know what your church doctrine is? What your church believes? Does it come from scripture? Can it be backed up? I encourage you to find out!

Today we started an expository look at Acts. This just means we will be looking at the book of Acts in a very detailed way and examine what it means. There are 28 chapters in Acts so we could be here a while! I’ve been in Acts in my daily reading so this fits right in.

What I never considered was how Pastor introduced the book today – “Acts – the Sequel.” Sequel? Sequel to what? Acts is actually a sequel in many ways to the book of Luke. Acts picks up where Luke left off. What happens after Jesus ascends into heaven? What happens to the disciples? Do they go back to their jobs? What happens to the church and the people who followed Jesus? If you think about it, Luke can be quite the cliffhanger!

A couple of facts that Pastor brought out (where does he find this stuff?) that interested me today; Luke and Acts take up 1/4 of the New Testament. If you think Paul’s letters take up a lot a space, think about how much of the New Testament Luke wrote. Luke covers the 30 years from Jesus’s birth to his ascension into heaven. Acts covers the next 30 years. Jesus went up in Luke and the Holy Spirit came down in Acts. It was really quite an interesting introduction.

This also answered a question I had had from my daily Bible reading – who traveled with Paul to Rome? As I’m reading the account of the journey it keeps saying, “We sailed..” who is we? Who is giving the account? Our course, when I finish my reading each day I’m off to get ready for work and I wasn’t taking time to look it up. It was nice to have that cleared up. I can continue reading knowing the answer to the question.

How’s your daily Bible reading coming? Are you sticking with it? We are halfway through the year – it’s never too late to start! I’m really enjoying the One Year Bible and plan on staying with it. I am still planning on reading it next year too just in a different version.

Have a great week! Let me know if any of this was new to you today.

One of the beautiful day lilies blooming around our house.

I was Locked Out of My IG Account for 36 Hours and Here’s What I Learned

I was recently performing some housekeeping on my IG account and unfollowed one too many people. IG thought I was a robot or a third party company that helps people gain followers and it shut me out. It gave me the opportunity to change my password but then it didn’t. It told me to click a link and reset my password but that didn’t work either. Knowing this happens I decided to wait it out. Not that big of a deal right? Guys, I was locked out of my IG account for 36 hours and here’s what I learned.

I look at Instagram all the time. When I’m bored. When I’m waiting for something to load on the computer. When I pick up my phone. When I click out of Facebook I automatically go to Instagram. I was forever clicking on IG only to be reminded I can’t look at anything.

I missed Instagram. Like, I wanted to be scrolling through stories. I missed the entertainment of Reels and actually considered downloading TikTok just for the same effect.

Facebook stories are clunky. Stories are definitely Instagram’s thing. Switching to Facebook stories is like switching from a PS4 to an Atari. And they cut you off at 15 seconds-actually less. It felt like you got about 7 seconds.-

I’ll admit I was shook by several of these realizations. I did not realize how reliant on Instagram I was – dare I say addicted? I started Instagram to simply follow some Young Living people as I realized they shared more on Instagram than Facebook. I was never going to post there. But I did. I started to see how others were expanding their business through Instagram and understood the potential. What I now realize is that I forgot to keep using it as a business tool. I got sucked in. Even when I was unfollowing people I would be like, “ Oh, I can’t unfollow them! I’d miss them!” These are complete strangers that I rarely engage with! Crazy.

This break from Instagram might have been God ordained. It was definitely a wake up call. Ive made some changes. I’ve got the screen time notice set up now to remind me to stop checking IG and I have a better plan on how to use it for my business now. I don’t want to get so sucked in again.

Have you ever taken a break from Instagram? What did you realize?

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Whew! It’s been a while. May turned into a whirlwind month and so far June hasn’t been any better.

We recently moved our middle son six hours away to his new home and job and it turned into quite an adventure! Here’s my post from Facebook:

“Well, yesterday turned into another adventure while moving your kids. My car started overheating outside of Elba. We babied it along trying to get to Ord but it decided it was done just past North Loup.

Because I had covered this week in prayer I was able to be grateful for so many things:
-my car enthusiast was along who actually knew what car parts Dad was telling him to look at.
-friends in Ord that own car trailers and could get mine off the side of the road.
-said friend was not at the lake this weekend
-because of the crazy week, packing was scattered and we had three vehicles
-we were able to get everything but a TV, some boots, and a few miscellaneous items crammed into two vehicles
-incident free the rest of the trip
-Aaron’s new home is spacious, clean, and well maintained
-his landlord looked at me and said, “He’s now my son too. I’ll look out for him.” 😭😭
-brother and sister-in-law plus boys that helped unload

You never know why God prompts you to draw closer to Him until you are in the situation He’s been preparing you for. I’ve been through enough life to know that when I feel that prompting to draw near to Him I better dive in and prepare because something big is coming and I need to make sure my foundation is rock solid.”

I wrote that Sunday morning after I woke up. Then this happened Sunday night:

“Okay, so I need prayers to keep the positive attitude going. We are stopped at Elm Creek with a major oil leak in the pickup. Philip is coming to get us. It’ll be 10 before he gets here. I’ve had a migraine all day and just need to sleep. This pickup is not conducive to that.”

I’ll admit I broke down crying in the truck stop bathroom when my sister called. You know how it is when you’re overtired, not feeling good and emotionally spent. If anyone is nice to you you lose it. When Philip did get there I threw my pillow in the backseat and crashed the rest of the way home.

Turns out, it may not have been a migraine. None of my usual tricks were really working and I dealt with headaches and nausea off and on until about Wednesday. Tuesday, our youngest son had the same thing. Lasted about 24 hours for him but he was able to go home and sleep. I had not planned on time off so kept pushing through – which probably didn’t help. It probably didn’t help that I’d drove my parents to Omaha on Thursday, worked Friday and then went to Lincoln for a wedding Friday night. What was I thinking??

Through it all and even now, a week later, I’ve had peace. We are not bothering to fix the pickup. We had already been looking for a replacement but because of the high prices right now had decided to wait. Guess we’re not waiting anymore! The Sequioa turned out to be an easy and fairly easy fix and we have it back. We’re even headed back out to see our son and deliver a few things that were forgotten!

This is so long! I just want to give God all the glory. For the two weeks prior to this I had really felt Him calling to lean into Him. Listen carefully to his Word. Pray diligently. Commit my ways to Him. Remember that He is always with us. That He goes before is and is our rear guard. So many truths I felt like I needed to soak in. I’ve lived enough life to know that when God is calling me to lean into Him something big is coming and I need to make sure I’m standing on a firm foundation so that the storm doesn’t knock me down. I’m so grateful to Him and that He provided over and over agin last weekend and is still sustaining us even now.