Our Helper

I feel bad that there isn’t anything in the “Inspiration” category when, quite honestly, this category and “Oils” will probably be the two biggest categories. So, let me tell you about today (because seriously, I could tell you how God works in my life everyday.)

Our boys are almost all in their 20’s (3 more months of having a teenager!) but I appreciate that they still reach out to us when they just need us to be parents. Today, as I sat down in my stylist’s chair for a haircut, my phone rings and it’s one of them. Not common in the middle of the day so I answer.

He had received one of “those” calls, the calls we are warned about. There are four arrest warrants out for you in Texas. You owe so much money in Texas. Blah, blah, blah. He kept his head in the moment and said, “This sounds like a scam.” The caller pretended not to hear him and then hung up when he repeated it.

That’s when he freaked. What if someone HAD stolen his identity? What if any part of this was true? So I told him to call the local Sheriff’s office to verify but yes, I was sure it was scam. He texted back in a couple of minutes that yes, they were sure it was a scam and since he hadn’t given them any information, he was fine.

Like any good mother 🙂 I took the opportunity to make this a teaching moment. I told him that he had absolutely done the right thing because he had listened to his gut. Always trust your gut. I’ve always been a trust your gut person. If I felt like I needed to take a different route or lock my doors in broad daylight I’ve always done it and never questioned it.

Recently our pastor took us through the book of John and in John the Holy Spirit is mentioned many times. We even spent one Sunday just focused on the Holy Spirit. And our Sunday School class studied Francis Chan’s book, “The Forgotten God” last fall. Through these sermons and studies I learned a lot about the Holy Spirit and how that gut feeling may be a whole lot more.

In John 14 verses 15-18 the Bible says, “‘If you love Me (Jesus is speaking), you will keep My commands. And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever. He is the Spirit of truth. The world is unable to receive Him because it doesn’t see Him or Know Him. But you do know Him, because He remains with you and will be in you. I will not leave you are orphans; I am coming to You.'”

The Counselor referred to here is the Holy Spirit. In another passage He is called the Helper. Three times in chapters 14-16 He is referred to as the Spirit of truth. He’s also referred to as the Comforter.

We were promised a helper, a counselor, a truth seeker, a comforter in the Holy Spirit when we accept God’s free gift of salvation through the death of Jesus Christ. I do not believe the gut instincts of a believer are just that. I believe they are nudges from the Holy Spirit. The more we seek God and draw closer to Him, the more receptive we are to the nudges of the Holy Spirit. And that is what I reminded my son today. He had no cause to freak out after. He has the Holy Spirit inside him. He was given peace and a level head in the moment and this is a great lesson in listening to those nudges. Those nudges that come from a Helper who will never leave us.

New Path

I have loved Facebook from the moment my sister introduced me to it. Twitter I never understood (then I listened to a Reply All podcast that basically said I never would) and Instagram I have love/hate relationship with.

I began this blog as an alternative to social media platforms. I know that any browser can shut me out or bury me but it feels a little more free than some other sites right now and I want to be my authentic self at all times and not hide behind emojis and bad spelling to escape the censors.

I’m taking my Facebook back to private and will let this be my public face.

My life is not monochrome and I don’t have the photo talent Instagram takes so I’m not going to try so hard there. I still love IG stories but most of my posts will probably just direct people here. I’m a writer at heart and I needed to do that. Not stress about my grid or my 9 or if I’m using the right filter to be attractive to others. I don’t take enough selfies either.

So I’m moving on to a platform where I can be more myself. Where I don’t have to worry (as much) about being shutdown because I want to talk about what worked for me the last time I got sick. Where I can use the gifts and talents God gave me and not try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

I know I already kind of did an intro post but I felt this gave a little more of the why. It gives you more of an idea of where I’m coming from.

Little Devil’s Tower Trail in Custer State Park

Saying “No” to Good Things

1 Kings 8:17-19
It was in the desire of my father, David to build a temple for the name of Yahweh, the God of Israel. But the Lord said  to my father David, “Since it was your desire to build a temple for My Name, you have done well to have this desire. Yet you are not the one to build it, instead your son, your own offspring will build it for my name.

Sometimes we can have good desires or good intentions like David did here and God still stops you. That can be really hard to understand. Why wouldn’t that be what I should do? It‘s a good thing!

I’ve had this happen. Many years ago missionaries that we supported came to our church and shared a need to have house parents for the boarding school where missionary children in the country sent their children.  In Africa. This struck such a chord in me – we could do that! Even though they talked about having guards to keep them safe and I had three boys all elementary aged – I was ready! Send me! Philip was not on board with this as it would take us away from our families for three years but I was ready!

I remember very clearly being in our backyard, mowing the grass and talking to God about this. “God, I’m ready and willing to go to Africa for you.” And just as clearly, I heard him say, “But I’m not asking you to.” I was stunned. What? Didn’t I feel a very clear call to Africa back when I was young and I said, “uh uh.” I’m ready now!

A few short months later our middle son, Aaron, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was a scary time of hospital stays, learning blood sugars, counting carbs and keeping him alive.

At some point in that journey, it hit me, we could’ve been in Africa! If I had pushed for my way or ignored God’s voice that afternoon because I was sure my plan was a good plan – life would’ve looked much different.

We don’t always get an answer that clearly as to why God said no to a good plan but we can trust he knows what he’s doing. And if he says no, it’s not for you. Maybe if you insist on it, you are robbing someone else that God had in mind for that very thing.

Somewhere in Custer State Park

You’re Invited

Kitchen people or front door people

Our last house was an old house – probably close to a hundred years old! And I’ll be the first to admit that it didn’t look that great from the outside. I mean, it looked nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s only if I invited you in and showed you the upstairs that you saw the real beauty. The upstairs had this beautiful hardwood floor and doorways and railings that were really the crown jewel of the house. But if I didn’t invite you in, really into my home, you’d never know.

Our backyard was another selling point. From the front of the house you’d never guess that there was plenty of room for a strawberry bed, rhubarb, and a sandbox! I’m not much of a landscape person, but I worked on it and it looked good. But again, you had to be invited to the back of the house to see it. You have to go through a not so great kitchen and usually a messy living room to see the real beauty.

Recently, one of our deacons opened the service talking about kitchen people or front door people. There are people that you invite into the front door and maybe let them sit in your formal living room, probably a place that you have cleaned before you invited them over, maybe stuffed some laundry in another room. And then you have kitchen people – those people that you invite to come on back into your kitchen. Maybe the kitchen where the dirty dishes are piled in the sink and there are crumbs all over the stove. But you invite them to pull up a chair anyway, sit, and have coffee, and share life and you both ignore the mess.

Many people look at me and see a good, Christian mom. One who’s always done the right thing, stood by her convictions, no major mistakes. If you only see my outward perfections, you miss the beauty of what Christ has done for me. You have to be invited into my life to see what Christ has done. That’s what this blog is about. Come, sit around my table. I’ll share my story. I’ll share what I’ve learned in the tough times and the good times. I’ll open my home to you. You are all invited in.

Throw Away the Plan

When I first heard this quote while watching “The Flash” I literally LOL’d. Snart is usually not someone you come to for advice or help, he’s kind of a mildly reformed bad guy with a dry sense of humor. Yet, there is so much truth to this quote that I had to grab a Post – it and jot it down.

I like to plan. I plan my meals, I plan my finances, I’ve even been convicted that I need to plan my days, but I’ve had to learn that sometimes the plan needs thrown out the window. Sometimes you don’t feel like making what’s on the menu for the night. With money, you can plan all you want, but you have to have an emergency fund for those unexpecteds. I think this is why I’ve never planned my day – I know it’s going to go off the rails at some point and I’ll be upset because I HAD A PLAN!

I think the point is that you can plan, but don’t become so committed to the plan that you can’t throw the plan away sometimes. Don’t be so rigid in your thinking that you can’t go with the flow of the day. Plan. Be prepared. Be prepared to throw away the plan.

Why Young Living

Why Young Living oils?

Over 25 years in the essential oils industry. Young Living has been the leader in the modern day essential oil movement. Starting from a home built distillery Young Living now has farms and distilleries across the world.

Our farms truly set us apart from other companies. Young Living has farm locations on six continents. We have our own farms so we know what goes in our bottles. Everything from the seed to the ground to the plant to the oil is strictly controlled by Young Living to meet their high standards of pure unadulterated oils.

Young Living also holds their partner farms to these same standards so you know what you are getting from a Young Living bottle. You can also visit any of our corporate offices or farms in any of locations. Everything we do is open to the public, including the distilleries on the farms.

Commitment to the Young Living, those around us and the world. Young Living is one HUGE family that I’m proud to be a part of. I’ve never been uneasy about anything the company does and have high confidence in our leadership and their transparency. Mary Young, our CEO and cofounder, is like a mother to all those that know her.

Are you ready to be a part of Young Living? Become a wholesale member today and receive member discounts, be eligible for our rewards program and be a part of our online community. Ask me how!

Figuring things out

Welcome to my little corner of the world. My hope for this blog is that you are encouraged and empowered as I was by the things I will be sharing.

This blog will be focused on life happenings, both past and present, taking charge or own health, and encouragement from God’s Word.

I honestly have no idea where this post is going to end up on my site. I have experience with WordPress from my job as a library director but it’s hosted for us by the Library Commission. Meaning, they figure it all out and I fill in the blanks. Now, I’m figuring it out AND filling in the blanks. So bear with me as right now I have everything else set up but can’t change my home page picture! Lol.

If you endure through the growing pains with me I promise I’ll make it worth your while. 😊