Body Burden

Have you heard of Xenoestrogens? Xenoestrogens can be natural or synthetic and they mimic the estrogen in our bodies. Synthetic Xenoestrogens are found in phthalates. Phthalates are most commonly found in personal care products mostly hidden under the word “fragrance.” These fake estrogens cause a hormonal imbalance and then things go wonky. These are several oils I use regularly to help balance things out.

I wear Joy over my heart every day.

I’ve had great success lately with using SclarEssence Vitality in a capsule before and during my cycle. It helps with all those PMS symptoms.

You all know I love Progessence Plus! Nightly on my wrists.

Dragon Time is also great during the week of your cycle for discomfort and emotions.

Use Lady Sclareol for a little boost to your, um, desire. 😉

Clary Sage every night on the bottom of my feet so I’m not tossing off the covers at 2 am.

Any of these oils can help clean out the fake estrogens in your system that enter through personal care products, cleaning products and more. Getting rid of those fake hormones help balance out your real hormones so everything runs smoother. Add one or two to your daily routine today!

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak

I’m a casual fruit and veggie washer at best. A quick rinse with water and I’d be on my way. If I even did that. Then I started learning what all might be on my fruit and veggies and geez, I’m glad I didn’t die!

Another big factor that prompted me to start washing my fruit and veggies is seeing other people’s results from using the Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak from Young Living – guys, the broccoli literally changes from that dull green to a brilliant green color!

I actually received my first (and so far only – it lasts forever!) bottle of Fruit and Veggie Soak for free through Essential Rewards. When I started soaking my produce I noticed it completely took the waxy look and feel off of my cucumbers, apples and zucchini’s. That sold me right there.

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak combines three of Young Living’s Essential Oil Blends; Thieves, DiGize, and Purification for an all natural, plant based clean. It comes in a concentrate and only takes 1-2 Tblsp for a gallon of water. Unless you are washing a lot of produce you’ll hardly ever use that much.

Check out these 20 other uses for Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak courtesy of Oily Little Hands on Facebook.

1. Clean your Young Living diffuser with it. (caution, use this only after the 1 year warranty onthe diffuser has expired) Young Living will only accept rubbing alcohol to clean the diffuser duringwarranty.

2. Use the water after you have washed your produce to water your house or outdoor plants!They love the ingredients of Digize which helps them grow better!

3. Put a capful into your Young Living Thieves dish soap, for the bubble action while washingyour dishes.

4. Get rid of stubborn laundry stains. Dip a Q-tip into the Thieves fruit and veggie soak, rub iton the stain, let it sit for a bit then wash as normal.

5. Wash your pasteurized eggs.

6. Use it as a degreaser on items that need grease removed!

7. Add a little to your diluted Thieves cleaner, again for the bubble power and action!

8. Add a capful to your toilet bowl, plus a little baking soda to give that royal throne a goodscrubbing and helpful in removing hard water deposits.

9. Don’t wait to do the Q-tip method for stubborn laundry stains, add a good splash to yourlaundry. Especially if someone in your family works with any products all day that contain grease like landscapers, auto mechanics, etc. You can also find this tip helpful you use cloth diapers in your family.

10. If you have spots on your dishes after being washed in the dishwasher, add a little product soak in the rinse aid compartment.

11. If you use crystals, you can soak and scrub them in the Thieves fruit and veggie soak.

12. While traveling, you bring home some souvenirs from nature, and they are smell, soak themin the Thieves fruit and veggie soak to remove the smell.

13. Use it as an all-natural ant remover from your home.

14. Then spray the areas of your home that insects and ants tend to populate as a preventativemeasure.

15. Spray diluted Thieves fruit and veggie soak into that stinky, smelly shoes for amazingresults.

16. Spray diluted to stainless appliances to remove fingerprints, especially if they are greasyfingerprints

17. Spray then wipe down clean the outside of your shoes to make them almost brand new!

18. Buy the dying plants at your local hardware store especially as it is the end of the seasonand see those plants come back to life by adding some Thieves fruit and veggie soak totheir soil

19. Of course, always wash your fruits and veggies in the solution. It will help remove all thatpesticides, waxes and other unmentionables your produce picks up on its way to where youpurchased it from.

20. Great for cleaning pans that have burnt on food or greasy stuck on food.

Didn’t have time to wash your fruits? Not a problem! Just rub a drop of Young Living Lemon Vitality over the fruit for 30 seconds and rinse with warm water. Voila!

Wedding Panic

I attended a wedding yesterday that was the sweetest, most faith filled wedding I’d been to in a while. It moved me to tears so many times! (Maybe hormonal empty nest mothers shouldn’t attend weddings.)

I almost didn’t attend. We have just began to know this couple and I felt like my husband knew them better than me but as luck would have it, he had to work. I sent in our RSVP with the thought, “I can go myself, no big deal.” As this week crept by I began to feel like it WAS a big deal. A very big deal.

I can’t go by myself, what if I don’t know anyone? What if no one else from church is there? I barely know these people! What was I thinking?! I can’t go by myself! What about the reception? Do I go sit with people I don’t know? Sit at a table by myself and let them come to me? And on and on it went.

I reached out to a couple of friends that I thought might be going but for various reasons they weren’t. I told myself to be brave. I told myself this would be a growing experience. I told myself I would be so proud of myself after. Yesterday I had an epiphany – treat it like a library conference. I go to library conferences all the time by myself and I don’t worry about it. I know I’ll meet new people and it’ll be fun. Why was this any different? (Sooo many reasons!)

So I went. And with great relief I saw one of my friends and her husband there. There were other people from church there. We crowded 8 people around a table so we could all sit together at the reception. I got to know some young couples from our church that I really didn’t know that well. I had the BEST time. When the dancing started I was tired and didn’t feel guilty for leaving. I said my good-byes and headed home. I was so glad I went.

Sunday Takeaways 10-18-20

Finally getting this done on Friday-it’s been quite the week!

In Sunday School we were in 1 Kings 18 and the story of Elijah versus the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. Two things that really struck me about this story that the speaker pointed out. In verse 21 Elijah calls the people out. Kind of a throwback to Joshua’s “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Elijah asks, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God; follow him but if Baal is God, follow him.” And the people said nothing. They just stood there silently watching. Not one person made a choice. In fact, nothing that happened that day changed the people’s hearts. They continued on as they had been. No repentance.

The second thing was a comment made by one of the participants in the video. They commented on how the Holy Spirit seems to come and go in the Old Testament, but we have the promise of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. We have that power residing in us at all times and how often do we fail to use that power. Very convicting.

The sermon Sunday was about right relationships within the church. We need to practice horizontal grace with one another. We receive grace from up above, from God, but do we extend that same grace to fellow believers? We should.

The local church where you attend is about relationships. Pray for one another. Support one another in hard times. Help each other stand for what is right. Our community is looking to us to take that stand. Do we do these things? Are we helping or hindering the local church? How can we do better?

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Beautiful Blooms of Fall

Last bloom. Late bloomer. Still as beautiful as the first bloom. Nothing late. Bloomed in it’s time. Beautiful bloom of fall.

The bloom is fading. Still first blush of youth with the wisdom of age. Life is not half over, it’s half begun. So much beauty to behold. Still much beauty to give. Beautiful bloom of fall.

Bloomed but still beautiful. Still giving beauty to the world. Still whole. Still giving. Still graceful. Beautiful in its own right. Beautiful bloom of fall.


It’s a lovely, windy, fall day in Nebraska!

I think all the leaves have decided to fall today. Was not prepared for that! We haven’t even had a freeze yet. We’re going to have a carpet of leaves on the lawn by tonight!

What’s the weather like in your area? Are you seeing amazing colors? Has the temperature dropped? We have had cool day but the warmer temps are hanging on and I’m going to soak it all up.

I am not a cold weather person, summer girl all the way! I look at summer as a time to store up as much warmth as possible to get you through the cold days ahead. So I’m enjoying these warm fall days and I’m glad it’s not cold, yet.

Sunday Takeaways – September 13, 2020

I know it’s not Sunday and it’s not September either but I was going to throw this bulletin away and thought it had some good points. I probably won’t remember context, but maybe these points will give you something to think about.

Sunday School class was again the Ray Vanderlaan video series from the 90’s? 80’s? When did Sleepless in Seattle come out? Everyone has big earrings and braided hairstyles with scrunchies. This video series is also a walking advertisement of why mom jeans should have never come back in style.

So not relevant. I know this is the lesson where we talked about the Jordan River and when the Israelites crossed it into the Promised Land because I have written down a very good question, “How long did it take them to cross?” We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people here and as was shown in the video the Jordan is not that big. A couple of other random notes written down are:

Do I believe God is the God of everything?

Meekness instead of selfishness

The struggles we are in are not ours to fight – they are really God’s battle.

Here’s some facts about Jericho I also wrote down

—Oldest city in the world – it was 7,000 years old when Abraham traveled through! Way before Egypt and the journey to the Promised Land

—Lowest city in the world (below sealevel)

—Was not to be rebuilt ever.

The sermon that day was titled, “Signs of the End Times” and was based on Matthew 24:4-8. Pastor basically gave statistics that showed how we are always moving closer to the end times. He did warn us to be careful not to be too passive in our faith, to not zero in on the fulfillment of certain events, be cautious not to make the Bible more textbook and less Word of God and to be careful of bias about End Times. Matthew 24 is just one passage to consider when looking at these things.

You Are Not Alone

I was having an oil conversation the other day and the person replied that it was too confusing. I can see why she would say that. We are trained by Western medicine to go to the pharmacy, pick up a prescription and do exactly what the pharmacist tells us too. We are trained to read labels and do what it says. Oil labels are never really specific enough for us so many don’t know what to do with them once they have them.

Let me ask you this, how did you get to that prescription label you’re reading for instructions? How did you know you needed that bottle that is in your hand? Why did you go to the doctor in the first place?

A friend recommended it? A doctor? How did you learn to trust their advice? Why do you trust them?

You listened to your body. You knew what was wrong and that something was needed.

When you become a member of Young Living you are automatically put in a group of people who have been using the oils for years. People who have gone to classes, studied resources, listened to podcasts and listened to the advice of others. No, we aren’t doctors. We aren’t here to treat, diagnose, or cure anything. We are here to help educate you about the oils and share our experiences. You aren’t paying for a kit and then you’re on your own. You pay for a membership. Membership to a community that will help you and guide you. You won’t be on your own, join us, a community of people who only want the best for each other.

The Premium Starter Kit is a kit of 12 oils, a diffuser, and samples of other products. The kit comes with everything you need to get started in a wellness lifestyle including your wholesale membership to Young Living. Including your membership to my community.

I’ve been using essential oils for 8 years. I literally learned at the feet of someone more experienced than me. In the last three years I’ve really taken responsibility for my own learning seeking out other resources and expanding who I learn from. I don’t know everything but I do know where to go to find answers. I can teach you to do the same.

Are you ready to become a member? Comment below and I can help you get started.

Are You Worthy?

I just spent an hour and half trying to explain Instagram to someone who’s never done anything with it. We looked at pages of people we admire, people who sell the products he wants to sell, influencers, relatives and friends and at the end he still said, I don’t get it. What’s the point?

What are we trying to do with Instagram? As my friend said during the conversation it’s all very self aggrandizing. I’ve looked at it as trying to “attract” followers. Being attractive enough. When you really break it down it’s like junior high all over again. Ick. Just ick.

I’d like to think I’m putting some positive content out there. Something that will give others hope in the midst of this icky world. A reminder that they don’t have to prove themselves worthy. They’ve already been made worthy. I feel like I just wrote something very similar to this but if this is all I ever write about that’s okay as long as you get the message – YOU ARE WORTHY. I came home and realized that the Chris Tomlin song, “Is He Worthy?” was playing on repeat in my head – the Holy Spirit reminding me that we are made worthy because HE is worthy.

You don’t have to prove yourself worthy to anyone because God, the creator of the universe, found you worthy enough that even if you were the only person alive on this earth He still sent His one and only Son to save YOU. He loves you that much that you were worth His Son.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 God watched His beloved Son die on the cross in a horrific death because he knew that was the only way to save us. And we were worth saving. Please, if you don’t understand this, reach out to me or someone who does understands this. A pastor, a friend, a neighbor. Someone who can walk you through how very worthy you are.

Why Essential Oils?

Why Essential Oils?

26 seconds after applying a chemical to your skin it can be found throughout the body. The average woman puts 300 chemicals on her body in a day – 80 before breakfast. (We’re talking synthetic chemicals here.) Endocrine disrupters are found throughout our homes. Our body is bombarded with toxins daily and it’s tired, overtaxed, and stressed by them.

Essential oils not only provide a cleaner, safer option to many toxins we use daily, they also help clean up our bodies.

You can use Young Living essential oils three ways: diffuse them, apply topically and ingest as supplements (Vitality oils only please!) Some precautions; some oils are called “hot” oils because they are intense to the skin. To prevent redness or irritation combine these oils with a fatty carrier oil. Don’t wear citrus oils on exposed skin in direct sunlight. This increases chances of sunburn. Never put oils directly into your eyes or ears.

Ready to make the switch to essential oils? Ask me about the free text class!

Read the label before ingesting any essential oil. I only use Young Living Vitality oils that are labeled specifically for internal use.