Making Butter

I attempted making butter today! I felt so Pioneer-ish. But, man, I’m glad I have a stand mixer I don’t know how long it must’ve taken with an old-fashioned churn.

Philip grew up with a dairy cow. They milked each morning and always saved the cream for ice cream on Saturday nights. When Philip started getting raw milk from a local dairy again he was saving cream for that. Then I mentioned butter and he thought that was a good idea. But I literally have psyched myself out about for weeks. Like I don’t know what I’m doing so I’m not going to do it.

So I did what I always do. I read up on it. And read some more. And decided I didn’t have cultured buttermilk so I couldn’t do it. But the cream was going to waste!

I also worried about the noise. I hate white noise and from what I’ve read the mixer may run for hours and I wasn’t sure my nerves could handle that so again I put it off.

I had decided I was finally going to use the latest batch of cream while it was fresh and just do the thing this weekend. So today I had a full slate of work to do downstairs-perfect! The mixer can run upstairs and I’ll be far from the noise. I also read a few articles that said I didn’t need the buttermilk so we were good to go! Oh! And one said it could take only 15 minutes so I just did the thing!


Somehow I messed it up. Me, who can make pies, cinnamon rolls, and decorate beautiful cakes failed on making butter. I blame no Better Homes and Garden or Betty Crocker recipe. I need clear, detailed instructions.

I told my sister-in-laws about the disaster-my mixer ran for 6 hours! Kelly told me she makes butter every year with her second graders and they do it in a jar in 30 minutes. I have to try again. Butter is not defeating me.

Update #2

I did it! I watched a YouTube video and learned I needed to put my mixer on high. I had it on medium yesterday. I also took the cream out ahead of time as another blog said it should be room temp to start. And it worked! It all worked. Can’t wait to do it again. It takes such a short time it’s instant gratification!

My first round of butter

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