New Path

I have loved Facebook from the moment my sister introduced me to it. Twitter I never understood (then I listened to a Reply All podcast that basically said I never would) and Instagram I have love/hate relationship with.

I began this blog as an alternative to social media platforms. I know that any browser can shut me out or bury me but it feels a little more free than some other sites right now and I want to be my authentic self at all times and not hide behind emojis and bad spelling to escape the censors.

I’m taking my Facebook back to private and will let this be my public face.

My life is not monochrome and I don’t have the photo talent Instagram takes so I’m not going to try so hard there. I still love IG stories but most of my posts will probably just direct people here. I’m a writer at heart and I needed to do that. Not stress about my grid or my 9 or if I’m using the right filter to be attractive to others. I don’t take enough selfies either.

So I’m moving on to a platform where I can be more myself. Where I don’t have to worry (as much) about being shutdown because I want to talk about what worked for me the last time I got sick. Where I can use the gifts and talents God gave me and not try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

I know I already kind of did an intro post but I felt this gave a little more of the why. It gives you more of an idea of where I’m coming from.

Little Devil’s Tower Trail in Custer State Park

Warm and Cozy Marjoram

I’ve been craving some Marjoram lately but I thought we were out-then I found a full 15 ml bottle today! 🎉 To me, Marjoram has this warm, cozy, comforting scent. I love diffusing it by itself or with a tree oil like Pine. If I don’t have Marjoram I do find that Clove is pretty comparable for me. Marjoram was known as the “herb of happiness” to the Romans and I’d have to agree with that assessment. I also recently found it that it’s good for helping release emotional trauma.

Marjoram also has muscle soothing properties and we’ve used it, along with Panaway and Lemongrass, in our family “Sprains & Tears” blend for years. #momofboys I was known for having this blend on hand at all track meets. Marjoram is also found in the Raindrop Kit from Young Living which is a specialized kit built for relaxing and soothing your muscles.

Marjoram is so much more than an herb to cook with and smells nothing like the dried herb you find in the grocery store. You can also purchase Marjoram Vitality from Young Living and use it in your favorite dishes. Have you tried Marjoram yet?

Sunday Takeaways 1-10-21

The Sunday School lesson today from Ray Vanderlan took place on the Sea of Galilee on a ship! Very cool. The theme being that God allows struggles in our life. Many people cannot understand that but even the Bible says that struggling produces perseverance, character and hope. (Romans 5:3-5)

There are lessons to be learned in struggles. One of those being remember to call out to God in our struggles. In this story, Jesus was about to pass the disciples by. He was going to leave them fighting against the storm. (He’d already let them battle it for 6-8 hours.) Mark says he was about to pass them by when they called out to him. Okay, wait, I just read that passage again and the NIV says they cried out because they thought he was a ghost-that totally changes the point here….but continuing on…

Are you like me? Sometimes you get so involved in solving the problem, figuring out the solution, that we forget to stop and pray? Invite God into the problem? Ask him for his help and providence? When we invite God in, he is with us. Doesn’t mean that the problem is immediately solved like in this story. It might just mean he gets in the boat with us and calms the storms within us.

Our sermon today was from our son’s church where we attended. We left Sunday School a little early and thanks to the service times being a little later than ours we made it in time and were able to attend with our son, Aaron, and our niece, Sarah. They are in the book of Jonah.

Have you ever thought about the sailors on the ship with Jonah as he was running from God’s assignment? I hadn’t. I love when pastors can take a story you’ve heard probably a hundred times and pull something new from it.

The sailors came to a belief in God through Jonah’s rebellion. They recognized Him as the true God because He was the one who showed Himself. After throwing Jonah over into the sea, they worshipped God. There were several points the pastor made here and I didn’t get them all but I’m sure you can check out Hillcrest E Free in Seward and find a recording.

Jonah missed out on an opportunity to share the gospel with the sailors because he was in rebellion. Jonah was in rebellion because he did not see people as God did. God extends mercy to who he wants to. Obedient acts of faith lead to God’s salvation. We as God’s people are here to declare God’s mercy to the people – we are all rebels in need of God’s mercy.

We were challenged at the end to check our own perspective on lost people. Seek to be a positive part of God’s plan, not an obstacle He has to clear out of the way. Do not attempt to come up with a better plan than God’s and decide to fear the Lord and worship him and follow in faith filled obedience no matter if the plan makes sense to us or not.

I found it interesting today that both lessons were in the sea, on boats and in some way referenced God being the calm in the storm. After the first full week of January in the United States I think we needed that reminder. No matter what is happening around us-God can calm our hearts and he can calm the storm.

From this summer when I borrowed my good friend Jacki’s beach.

Word of the Year

Do you choose a word a year? Are we still doing that? I totally didn’t even remember what my word of the year of the year was for 2020 until I looked in my photos. So I’m putting this word of the year in a more prominate place. Maybe a bracelet again to remind me to DREAM.

2020 brought many things but the biggest for me is the ability to dream again. To believe anything is possible given enough time, patrience, and hard work.

For 2020 I not only picked the word, FREEDOM, but also the verse, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

As I leaned into the Lord for so many things this year I found that freedom. Freedom from doubt. Freedom to be myself more. Freedom to use my voice again. And freedom to dream knowing the Lord is right beside me. I also realize how much I learned about the Holy Spirit this year and how that enabled me to tap into the freedom that is brought by belief and understanding. God works things out even when you forget your word and verse of the year!

As I said, I’m being more mindful of my goals and values this year and since vision boards are a topic that kept seeming to pop up I did a great vision board class in December that not only taught me about goals and inviting God into those goals but also how to incorporate our values into vision boards so they weren’t all things that we were striving or working towards but things we could implement into our lives that move us to our values.

I now have a vision board on my night stand where I can see it each morning and evening, one as my lock screen my phone and one in my office. (I realize I need to add my word for the year to those boards.) I’m focusing on those dreams this year more than I ever have – look out 2021-here I come!

January Promos

January! Can you believe it? I’m kind of excited for January and I hope I don’t read those words six months down the road and laugh at that silly girl who thought that.

Each month, Young Living offers products for customers to earn just by ordering their supplements, makeup, and cleaning products from Young Living. This month the products offered all focus on skincare but have many other benefits too.

As always at the 100 PV level is Free Shipping. This is for Shop orders or Loyalty orders either one.

At the 190 PV ordering level you will receive a 5ml of Mastrante oil. I have never had Mastrante oil and I’m eager to try it out. Mastrante is great for dry skin, add it to your moisturizer or body lotion or use it straight on your skin. Mastrante is also a grounding and calming oil and can be used to promote relaxation. If you participate in the Young Living rewards program you will also receive a 15 ml of Orange and a 15 ml of Tea Tree at this level. Orange is a fantastic oil for oily skin especially but do not apply before heading out to the sun as citrus oils are photosensitive and may cause burning. Orange is also a very uplifting scent to diffuse and can help freshen up any room. Tea Tree is a very powerful oil with multiple uses that I often forget to reach for. Also known as melaleuca, Tea Tree is not only great for a variety of skin issues but can be used as a powerful cleaner.

At the 250 PV level you receive everything we already talked about plus a 5 ml of Manuka. I first experienced Manuka as a promo oil several years ago. I love it’s deep, earthy smell and since it’s good for the scalp often use it on my scalp and hair. Whenever I do this I receive tons of compliments on how good I smell – natural diffuser! Manuka can be very healing for abrasions and scrapes too.

The 300 PV level comes with a 15 ml of Geranium oil. (Notice how many 15 ml you are receiving this month – isn’t that great?!) I’ll be honest, Geranium is one that took me a while to warm up to. I wasn’t big on the floral smells at first and unfortunately for me, it’s in many of the skin care products because, hey, it’s that good! One thing I recently learned is that Geranium can be a great emotional balancer and a great oil to use when planning for the future. I think as I continue to heal and grow on an emotional level I’ve come to enjoy Geranium more. I really like using it in the diffuser with citrus or tree oils. And I appreciate when I use the Seedlings Baby Wipes for makeup removal or to wipe down the bathroom counter that my trash and therefore the whole bathroom smell amazing all day.

So there you have it. All the products that Young Living is giving away this month to millions of customers! Does your company do that? How about the discount store where you buy your skincare and cleaning products? What if you switched those products to Young Living and could receive free products with your orders? Interested? Drop a comment or message me and I’ll show you how to get started!

Have a great January and let’s slowly and carefully with much optimism walk into this new year.

Sunday Takeaway 12-20-2020

A special Sunday take away

The Sunday before Christmas our church has a tradition. We dress up a little more, put on the best of our Sunday best, and we meet at our Sunday School leaders houses for a special brunch. The time is a time of sweet fellowship and time to just be together and enjoy each other‘s company. We are all late to service usually because we’ve spent too much time visiting!

The gorgeous brunch

This month Mike has been doing a series on characters of the Bible story and today was no different. Today being the last Sunday before Christmas he focused on Christ and how He is the most significant person of history. I think the biggest takeaway was that when Jesus died on the cross he declared, “It is finished.” Why? Because it’s a reminder that there is nothing else we need to do to earn salvation. Jesus did it all. We just need to accept.

Then we went out to Twogood’s barn. Ryan and Rachel Twogood are a family in our church that have built a lovely barn and they love to host events and have people out to parties at their place. Tonight we went for stargazing and then we had chili and shared Christmas goodies with each other. It was nice and cozy in the barn. We didn’t get to see Saturn and Jupiter due to cloud cover but the moon was so bright and gorgeous.

Ryan and Rachel’s barn

You might think this all sounds idyllic and perfect and wish your church was this way. We’ve had years when we wished this too. Our church has come back to this after a hard, hard season. Once upon a time, many many years ago, our church was known as the “snob” church in town. People didn’t feel like they were welcome I guess. I sometimes laughed when people would tell me that I went to the “snob” church or the “rich” church, as it was also called, because we were anything but part of a clique or rich. Looking back, I see that people called us this because they saw our love for one another and they felt left out.

Over time, people in our church got tired of the name and we tried to make adjustments. Tried to change. And as any time when a church tries to make itself over to please others, especially those of the world, we started to fall apart. People leaving, hurt feelings, etc. Since our pastor of 20 years left a few years we’ve struggled. One of the few good things we could say about our church during strategic planning meetings was that we had good music and even that started falling apart. We’ve lost many families that we loved.

Inside the barn was all decorated too

A few months ago Mike did a sermon series on relationships in the church. He encouraged us to take care of one another. He encouraged us to love one another through the difficult times. He encouraged us to fellowship together. He encouraged us to bear each other‘s burdens. There were so many times during that sermon series that I thought, “That used to be us! We used to do that! That’s why we were the snob church.“

It was revelatory to finally understand that. We were doing everything right (not perfect, but right) and Satan didn’t like that. He sent lies and gossip into our midst. He made us feel as if we were doing something wrong so we started to change. We wanted to be loved and accepted by our community. We changed and we lost what we had. Now we’re getting that back. We’re enjoying being together. We have love for one another. We are more full of hope and joy then we’ve been for years.

But my question would be – how do we keep our arms open? How do we show others that our bubble is not impermeable? How do we extend that love to others in our community and to our friends and family? I think first we have to be at our healthiest and do the things that we are doing and completely and totally get back our love and care for one another again before we can reach out to others. Once we do that, we will have so much love that we can let that love overflow to others. And we’ve begun to do that.


So if you’re looking at this idyllic day with jealousy in your eyes, don’t. Just like anything that looks too good to be perfect it is. We’ve had our bumps and bruises, we have our scars. We still miss those cherished members of our community that aren’t here anymore. But we are a work in progress, just as you are, and we want to welcome you into our mess. If you live in our community don’t be put off by what you see, just be encouraged. We can love on you too. We’ve been through the hard times. We’re still going through the hard times. And I think it’s made us a little better because of it.

Sunday Takeaways 12-13-20

Sunday takeaway for today? I need to study my Bible more. Like, really STUDY my Bible and history and see how everything connects. I need timelines and maybe bulletin boards with string connecting everything.

In both the Sunday School lesson and the sermon, world history played a huge part in understanding what was happening during what we were reading in the Bible. And not just the history of the world, with the conflicts, the wars, rulers, etc but also Bible history, knowing how events in the Old Testament set up the events of the New Testament. Honestly, I’m kind of sitting here mind blown right now.

There is no way I will do justice to all the history I was told today but there are a couple of things I want to touch on. First, a lesson from Ray Vanderlan on New Testament events that was actually part of the sermon too. When King Herod died he split his kingdom among his sons; Antipas, Archelaus, and Philip. The sons disagreed with this – they all wanted to rule the whole kingdom – so they went to Rome to protest. Interestingly enough, a contigent of the people also went because they did not want Archelaus to rule over all of them because he was known to be as harsh as his father. Rome upheld Herod’s will and when Archelaus returns he slaughters all those who spoke against him in Rome. Fast forward a little bit to when Joseph is told in a dream to return to Israel from Egypt he begins to return to the area of Bethlehem. When he realizes that Archelaus is ruling over the region of Bethlehem he was afraid to return there and went to Nazareth instead. (Matthew 2:19-23) Thus fulfilling prophecy.

The point that Ray went on to make was that Jesus was very much involved in the world and culture around him. He used that knowledge to reach people. He did not separate himself from the world and then suddenly pop on the scene. In fact, according to Ray Vanderlan, the wife of the ministry of finance of the area very likely funded Jesus’ ministry when he began to minister full-time. People knew him and he knew people. He knew what was occurring in the world.

Back to the story of Archelaus above, read Luke 19:11-27. If you’ve been in church for a number of years you might recognize the parable of the talents. It’s usually told as a parable to represent how we are to use the gifts and talents that God has given us, but see if you notice anything about the parable now that you know some world history of the time. Interesting, isn’t it? Jesus used events that people were familiar with to bring understanding to them. There was so much more but it would require so much detail that I did not get it all written down. I think I need to watch it again to absorb it all.

I was really looking forward to today’s sermon as Mike had said last week that he was going to be talking about the Magi and how he had learned so much about them. Since they do seem to remain mysterious, i was curious about what he learned. It did not disappoint.

Again, for us to understand who the Magi (or wise men) were, we have to understand a little bit of world and Bible history. Who were they? Where did they come from? And why did they care about this Messiah that was to be born? A little world history first.

At that time, the Parthian-Persian Empire was to the east of the Roman Empire in what would be modern day Afghanistan, Irag and Iran (I think.) These two empires had a cold war going on at the time that Jesus was born. They weren’t actively fighting at the moment but they had in the past and were not trusting of each other.

Who were the Parthian-Persians? They would be the Babylonians of the Old Testament. This is where Bible history comes in. How did the Magi know about the Jewish Messiah? Why did they care? We know from the book of Daniel that Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, laid siege to Jerusalem and took some of the Israelites back to Babylon with him in 605 B.C. (You should really read the first part of Daniel if you don’t know about the story of Daniel and his three friends.) Daniel was one of the youths taken. For various reasons Daniel grew in favor with the court and he was given the ability to interpret dreams by God. In the second chapter of Daniel he is made chief governor over all the WISE MEN OF BABYLON. Well, being wise and well versed in the scriptures, it’s easy to see how Daniel would have imparted that knowledge, including the prophecies of the coming Messiah, to the other wise men. I never knew this or thought of any of this correlating later! Wow.

Something else that was brought out is why did the arrival of three men alarm Herod? How did he even know that three men arrived? Because it probably wasn’t just three men that arrived – maybe as many as 10,000 men arrived in the contingent of wise men. Think about that. 10,000 men from the country you are sworn enemies with come to your town and ask where the new king is? That would be alarming. Oh, and these Magi were known as the “king makers” in their own country. So much to fully understand the story we’ve been told since children.

Another point that Ray brought out this morning that also correlated with the sermon is how money is not evil. How did Jesus and his disciples live while ministering? We all know you need money to buy food, clothes, etc. As mentioned before it’s thought by some that part of that funding came from people with lots of money to give. Jesus didn’t deny the use of that money because it came from rich people – it was God providing. Same with the wise men, if you look at the chronology of the events, Mary and Joseph didn’t have a lot of money – we know this by the type of sacrifice they offered at Jesus’ dedication (a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons.) Where did the money come from to flee and live in Egypt? Well, who had come to visit just prior to that trip? The Magi. What did the Magi bring? Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Besides the significance of these gifts they were also practical gifts. The gold would have been like cash and the frankincense and myrrh could have been sold in small amounts to help bring in money also. I saw all of this as an example of the Lord providing just what we need as just the exact moment we need it. Something I’ve struggled with often in my life. We’re also told often in the church that money is evil. It is not, it is the love of money that is evil. Ray Vanderlan said that wealth is no different than your brain, your mouth, or abilities God gives us. They are all giftings God has given us. We are to use whatever God gives to further his kingdom.

I know this is scattered and maybe confusion. There was just so much to today, I’m overwhelmed! There was so much more in the sermon this morning that I highly recommend you watch the whole message and our amazing gifted singers at the end. Be blessed and have a great week!

Sunday Takeaways 12-6-2020

First takeaway – Christmas can get crazy around a church! Yesterday was one of those days that I have tried to make sure I do less of – running around like a crazy woman. This used to be the norm years ago. I was so involved in so many things I can remember telling my husband once that I’d like to go to church just to go to church!

Yesterday was just one of those moments where everything happened at once. Deacon board responsibilities, scheduling meals for a family with a new baby and church library responsibilities. I also had a couple of people I needed to touch base with.

So, during Sunday School I was stamping and processing new books for the church library but I did still take a few notes and as always found the history and lesson interesting. The biggest takeaway yesterday was the typical family structure during Jesus’ time. Families lived together is these housing complexes built around a courtyard. When a son got married, he added on to the father’s son. So the grandson’s house was added to this house and so on. Families lived and worked together.

This led into a discussion about our legacy. What kind of legacy are we leaving with our family? Are we sharing about what Jesus has done in our life? The difference he has made? Do we talk about the importance of having a relationship with Jesus with our kids? Leaving a foundation to build on takes a whole different meaning when you consider it’s the house they will be living in for the rest of their lives.

Our sermon series right now is on characters from the Christmas story and this week we were on “Gabriel – the Message that Changed the World.” Gabriel is a messenger angel of God. The first mention of Gabriel in the Bible occurs in Daniel in the Old Testament. He’s pretty busy in the Christmas story. Gabriel’s first mission (in Luke) to speak to John the Baptist’s parents fulfilled the prophecy of Malachi 3:1. We also covered the five things that Gabriel predicted about Mary’s son.

Pastor Mike covered some interesting facts about angels too. Angels are mentioned in the Old Testament 108 times and 165 times in the New Testament. The term “guardian angels” is never mentioned in scripture. We are strictly told in the Bible to not worship angels. (Revelation 22:8-9, Colossions 2:18) They are not humans who have passed on. Angels are separate beings from humans.

The thing to take away from any message on the Christmas story is that God had a plan to save all of mankind. He orchestrated this plan from the beginning of time. He used humans, angels and the constellations to bring about this plan. Remember, you watch any of Pastor Mike’s sermons on YouTube on the Stromsburg Baptist Church channel.

JuvaFlex Vitality

One of the perks of being a Young Living account holder is the free oils I receive every month! Many times they are oils I wouldn’t have thought of trying and boy, would I have missed out.

I received a bottle of Juvaflex Vitality in May and as I started researching it I realized I really needed to try this one!

Juvaflex is a blend of Fennel, Geranium, Rosemary, Roman Chamomile, Blue Tansy and Helichrysum oils. Each of these oils has a powerful emotional component to it. Do you know that we store feelings in certain areas of our bodies? Anger and other negative emotions are stored in the liver. Juvaflex Vitality was designed to release toxicity (like emotions) from the liver.

After reading about these benefits in June. I started taking 2 drops in a capsule twice a day for three days and then pow! The emotional release hit. It was draining and cleansing at the same time. I know it was exactly what I needed with everything that had been going on in our world with moving, selling our home, pandemic, work stuff, etc. The recommendation was to try it for 30 days and I did. It was amazing how much better I felt after those 30 days. In fact, I think it’s time to do another cycle of 30. These oils are so powerful for my emotional health and I’m glad I have them.

Would you like to try Young Living Essential Oils for your emotional health? Right now, Young Living has a Holiday Starter Bundle with 9 key oils, a Leopard print carrying case, and Sweet Aroma Diffuser and a purse sized Thieves Hand Sanitizer. (I’d buy it for the carrying case alone.) This bundle is priced at a little more than half the retail and it won’t stick around forever. Let me know if you want more information.

Young Living Holiday Starter Bundle

Letting Go of the Wheel

I’m not sure why but I’ve never been comfortable riding with my boys on the interstate. They’re great drivers. No accidents. I have no problem riding with them on the highways or streets. Even Omaha. Interstate driving has always just made me a little twitchy.

He making sure he did things “correct” since I was taking a picture.

I think it’s a great metaphor for a mom as her children grow and mature. You have to put them in the driver’s seat of their own lives more and more. Even the fast lane of life. Like when they graduate college and they go off and get their own home, job, insurance. Aaron gave me a great compliment the other day saying I wasn’t a lawnmower mom. I don’t go ahead of them smoothing out the way. But what he doesn’t know is that I want to.

I always knew sending them out the door to college and life that they could fall flat on their face. In some ways I expected it. That way I was prepared for it if it did happen. (I don’t advise thinking this way.) How do you do this as a mom? How do you let go? How do you let them fail? In our society we’ve fallen into this trap that if our kids fail, rebel, or really mess up its the parents fault. Because of this parents have to make sure that the kids never fail, rebel or mess up and this doesn’t end when they become adults. For many, they never stop making sure their children have smooth lives.

I was the rebellious child. I not only rebelled but I really messed up, and failed at life for a few years. Because of that experience I can fully say, it’s not always the parents fault. In my instance it had nothing to do with my parents. I made my own choices. I had traumatic things happen to me that led me to make more bad choices. What turned me around? I got tired of the consequences of my bad choices. I started to make changes.


I never once blamed my parents. I think it starts when the children are young. Give them chores and responsibilities. Let them figure the hard stuff out. I was raised this way. I raised my boys this way. Don’t always clear a path for them or do hard tasks for them. Let them experience little failures in the safety of your home. If they break a glass cleaning up the table or putting dishes in the dishwasher. Teach them to clean it up. Look for teaching moments and provide them for your kids.

Show your kids true love and affection but let them have room to grow. Don’t smother them. Don’t entwine them to you in relationships where they are fulfilling your need for connection or companionship. Find your own friends and let them find friends too.

I have sworn I will never beg my kids to come home. I want them to want to come home. I will never make them feel guilty for wanting a life of their own. Isn’t that what we are raising them up to be? Responsible adults with lives of their own? Ben is working out of town over Christmas break. We don’t get this last break with him but he came home this weekend and, as is his way, at one point this weekend he just walked up to me and wrapped me in his arms and held on tight. He’s the best hugger of the bunch. He knows Mom misses him. He also knows Mom loves him and the last thing I would do is tie him to me. I gave my boys wings but I also gave them a nest to come back to. Anytime.

Lord, help mommas of boys

Sunday Takeaways – 11-22-20

What a blessed Sunday it was! First, our Sunday School hour was shared among the classes as we had a guest speaker. She shared her heart for the Lord and others as she shared her humanitarian work that she does on a tiny island on the other side of the world. It was so good and very encouraging.

Our church used to be known for these amazing Easter Contata’s. They were true, full on performances with a big choir. Eventually we got kind of burned out on them but once in a while the director of those cantatas will put together an ensemble and they’ll sing a special. Yesterday was one of those days. It was so uplifting to hear those voices sing praises to God. We have so many talented singers in our church-the tenors really shined yesterday.

Pastor’s message was on Philippines 4:6, “Don’t worry about anything but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. He focused specifically on praying. What a gift prayer is. How we have a direct connection to God through prayer. We can pray anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance.

Some nuggets I wrote down is that we should give thanks for even the gift of prayer. When things are bad we can give thanks that it’s not always like this. Acknowledge it’s a rough time and acknowledge that God is with us in those times. Worry cannot survive in an atmosphere of prayer. Read that again. Pray specifically. When your child comes running to you saying, Mommy! Mommy! You ask what they want. And you want them to be specific. We are to be the same with God.

The service ended with a musically talented couple singing Kari Jobe’s new song, “The Blessing.” What a blessing that was.

But wait! The day wasn’t over. It was the night of our annual soup and pie supper. A fundraiser for missions in our church. Time to fellowship with church friends and catch up. The speaker from the morning blessed us again by sharing more of her work and the culture she is in and just moved us all so much again.

Whew! My cup is full from such a Spirit led day of joining with others in the body of Christ. Truly a special, special day. Thank you, Lord.

Picture taken during the golden hour Friday. The way these “dead” flowers just glow in the sun is so beautiful.