Oils on a budget: Price per drop

Okay, this one might make you super stingy of your oils – I’m so guilty of this. Sometimes watching my family using oils makes me cringe, like watching your kids squeeze out the toothpaste! But I bite my tongue because, hey, at least they are using them!

Let’s use two of our most popular oils for this example: Lavender and Lemon.

A 15ml bottle of Lavender costs $25.25. A 15ml bottle of oil contains approximately 250 drops in a bottle so a drop of lavender is going to cost about $.10. Remember how we talked about quality? Unless you’re diffusing or making a recipe you aren’t going to use more than one drop at a time.

Let’s look at Lemon. Lemon costs $12.00 for a 15 ml (Just $12.00!) which comes out to $.05 a drop. My one drop of Lemon that I use in my water every morning is only $.05. You can’t even buy a Lemon for that!

So when you break down the cost of oils per drop, it helps you look at the price in a different. Are there some costly oils? Sure. But do you know how pounds of rose petals it takes to just make one ounce of Rose Essential oil? Did you know that the Melissa plant gets fussy about how it’s picked and handled? If you want the purported constituents of the oil you have to make sure it doesn’t touch the ground. Or do you the detailed process it takes to make Frankinsence oil? There’s a reason Lemon oil (readily available) and Melissa (harder to get oil from) have such a huge price difference.

So yeah, hoard your Rose oil and keep it out of reach of the kids, but maybe let them go crazy with the Lemon or Orange oil .

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