Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak

I’m a casual fruit and veggie washer at best. A quick rinse with water and I’d be on my way. If I even did that. Then I started learning what all might be on my fruit and veggies and geez, I’m glad I didn’t die!

Another big factor that prompted me to start washing my fruit and veggies is seeing other people’s results from using the Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak from Young Living – guys, the broccoli literally changes from that dull green to a brilliant green color!

I actually received my first (and so far only – it lasts forever!) bottle of Fruit and Veggie Soak for free through Essential Rewards. When I started soaking my produce I noticed it completely took the waxy look and feel off of my cucumbers, apples and zucchini’s. That sold me right there.

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak combines three of Young Living’s Essential Oil Blends; Thieves, DiGize, and Purification for an all natural, plant based clean. It comes in a concentrate and only takes 1-2 Tblsp for a gallon of water. Unless you are washing a lot of produce you’ll hardly ever use that much.

Check out these 20 other uses for Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak courtesy of Oily Little Hands on Facebook.

1. Clean your Young Living diffuser with it. (caution, use this only after the 1 year warranty onthe diffuser has expired) Young Living will only accept rubbing alcohol to clean the diffuser duringwarranty.

2. Use the water after you have washed your produce to water your house or outdoor plants!They love the ingredients of Digize which helps them grow better!

3. Put a capful into your Young Living Thieves dish soap, for the bubble action while washingyour dishes.

4. Get rid of stubborn laundry stains. Dip a Q-tip into the Thieves fruit and veggie soak, rub iton the stain, let it sit for a bit then wash as normal.

5. Wash your pasteurized eggs.

6. Use it as a degreaser on items that need grease removed!

7. Add a little to your diluted Thieves cleaner, again for the bubble power and action!

8. Add a capful to your toilet bowl, plus a little baking soda to give that royal throne a goodscrubbing and helpful in removing hard water deposits.

9. Don’t wait to do the Q-tip method for stubborn laundry stains, add a good splash to yourlaundry. Especially if someone in your family works with any products all day that contain grease like landscapers, auto mechanics, etc. You can also find this tip helpful you use cloth diapers in your family.

10. If you have spots on your dishes after being washed in the dishwasher, add a little product soak in the rinse aid compartment.

11. If you use crystals, you can soak and scrub them in the Thieves fruit and veggie soak.

12. While traveling, you bring home some souvenirs from nature, and they are smell, soak themin the Thieves fruit and veggie soak to remove the smell.

13. Use it as an all-natural ant remover from your home.

14. Then spray the areas of your home that insects and ants tend to populate as a preventativemeasure.

15. Spray diluted Thieves fruit and veggie soak into that stinky, smelly shoes for amazingresults.

16. Spray diluted to stainless appliances to remove fingerprints, especially if they are greasyfingerprints

17. Spray then wipe down clean the outside of your shoes to make them almost brand new!

18. Buy the dying plants at your local hardware store especially as it is the end of the seasonand see those plants come back to life by adding some Thieves fruit and veggie soak totheir soil

19. Of course, always wash your fruits and veggies in the solution. It will help remove all thatpesticides, waxes and other unmentionables your produce picks up on its way to where youpurchased it from.

20. Great for cleaning pans that have burnt on food or greasy stuck on food.

Didn’t have time to wash your fruits? Not a problem! Just rub a drop of Young Living Lemon Vitality over the fruit for 30 seconds and rinse with warm water. Voila!

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