The Difference

Don’t think the ingredients in your personal products matter? Read on.

Non-toxic ingredients make a difference.
Unfortunately, we came into the natural health world when our boys were in their teen and preteen years. Meaning, they didn’t always appreciate all the different things we were doing. I was even told at one point that I was making things “too healthy.”

Back in the day my college kids would buy their own soap at college, but use whatever was in the shower when they were at home. One summer one of my boys learned that there is a difference in the products we use.

As he did every summer he packed up everything to go to camp and was gone for a week. When he returned home he kept using his usual college soap for some reason. He had always struggled with back acne and one night, after he’d been home about a week, he had his shirt off and it was SO much worse. Not necessarily more but what was there was just…worse.

I immediately thought of the soap and asked him if he’d been using it before camp – no. But you used it at camp and since you got home? Yes.
Two weeks and his body really noticed a difference. He could also notice the difference. I suggested he not use it again and I would make sure he had good soap from Young Living from now on.

Personal care products like soap, shampoos, makeup, lotions and so much more contain many ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. Many are known carcinogens and hormone disrupters. The 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act grandfathered in thousands upon thousands of ingredients on the assumption that they were safe.

The biggest culprit is the ingredient, “fragrance.” Companies claim that their fragrance is proprietary information and therefore they don’t have to disclose the toxic substances they use to perfume your cleaners, lotions, soap, etc.

My suggestion is to get rid of all things “fragrance” in your home. Start reading labels religiously and switch to plant based products you can trust. I buy as much as I can from Young Living. It’s my one stop shop and it delivers right to your door. Yes, there are other companies that do this for much less but read the labels. You’ll see “fragrance” on almost every one. That’s why I only trust Young Living.

Want to get started with Young Living? Head to, click “become a member” and choose a starter pack. Use my referral number, 2244609, and you’ll be on my team! That means I share more education with you and help you do what’s best for you and your family. Drop me a message to let me know you’ve done this and I’ll send you an awesome welcome pack!

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